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8mm flat shoelaces
Flat 8s
8mm wide,
For Kids Shoes / Low Tops

10mm flat shoelaces
Flat 10s
10mm wide,
Perfect for Mid Tops / High Tops
with extra style

20mm Flat Shoelaces
Flat 20s
20mm wide,
Perfect for a fat chunky style

Sports Oval Laces
5mm wide strong shoelaces, 130cm long
With excellent knot stability for running & sports

Chunky Oval Laces
8mm wide, strong oval shoelaces
Soft feel from padded core
130cm long

Medium Round Laces
3mm round, strong shoelaces
130cm long

Heavy Round Laces
5mm round shoelaces, 130cm long
Great for hiking boots

Two Tone Oval Laces
8mm wide oval shoelaces 130cm long
Adds another dimension to our chunky ovals

Striped Flat Laces
10mm wide flat laces with contrasting stripe
130cm long

Coloured / Metal Tip Laces
10mm wide flat laces with contrasting tips
130cm long
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